Address: Gagarin St. 6, Kletsk, Minsk Region, 222531
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The first steps to found the museum in Kletsk were taken by local enthusiasts in the late 1950s. In 1961, the first museum exposition was opened in Kletsk School. Sometime later, next to the school, the museum construction was initiated by the efforts of local teachers and students. Its facade is a copy of the hunting house of Count Rumyantsev from the Palace Ensemble in Gomel. The museum was over in 10 years. On 1 September 1979, the first visitors were welcomed by the museum. Since that time the museum is involved in researching and promoting the history and culture of Kletsk, as well as in collecting and preserving the culture values for the next generations. Today, the museum funds include over 9,500 items (2012). The collection of archaeology is the most interesting. It is exposed in the 1st hall of the museum. Among the exhibits are: the collection of fibulas, the iron scriber of the 11th century, the medieval arms, the ceramics of the 10th-13th centuries. In the war hall, there is a collection of arms and accoutrements, photos and documents of the war time. The materials and documents about the partisan movement in Kletsk are exhibited in the specially equipped section "A Partisan Dugout". The priceless values of the museum are the exhibits of the hall "Bright Names of the Constellation", which contain private belongings of outstanding Kletsk citizens: Professor of medicine P. Lobko, the writer Vl. Domoshevich, the poet L. Golubovich, the physicist I. Kokan.

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